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About Us

Tullamore Rape Crisis Centre was established in October 1993 and is a voluntary body which provides a counselling service for survivors of rape and sexual abuse in Laois, Offaly and surrounding areas. The vision for the Centre is for a society where rape and all forms of sexual violence no longer exist.


In recognising that every person is entitled to a life free from abuse and the fear incurred from such incidents the Centre aims to contribute to the vision of a society free from rape and all forms of sexual violence through empowering those who have been disempowered and informing our community of the dangers and effects of abuse.


Sexual abuse can often have a deep impact on the future relationship patterns of both male and female survivors, but counselling can help to address many of the issues involved.

Our aims and objectives​

  • To provide a community response (therapeutic and preventative) to the effects of rape and all forms of sexual violence.


  • To reach and provide to adult survivors of rape and abuse, a free confidential professional counselling service that adheres to the code of ethics as laid out by IACP and APCP.


  • To raise awareness of the extent, dangers and effects of rape and sexual violence among the general public.


  • To work in partnership with Tusla,Cosc, Gardaí and all other relevant stakeholders committed to addressing the effects of rape and sexual violence.


  • To input into the policy and legislative arena in order to contribute to societal change.

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